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Millions are being spent by conservation organizations every day but the environment is in deepening crisis. Current conservation practices often decrease biodiversity, encourage destructive development projects, and result in mounting human rights abuses. Stop the Con is Survival International’s campaign to end the conservation con. They’re challenging the destruction of tribes and their lands in the name of conservation, and taking action to stop the abuse.

We invented the name. But rather than give the campaign a conventional logo, its supporters are being asked to design their own. They’re sending Survival photographs, drawings, paintings and videos of the words on their hands as a mark of protest.

Stop the Con was kicked off by Tesia Bobrycki in Yosemite National Park when she was suspended 3,000ft above the ground from the iconic El Capitan monolith. Crazy or what? You can watch the video here.

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John Spencer - Stop the Con

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