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OxfordSM is a strategy, innovation and capability consultancy. They work with large organizations to improve commercial results through behaviour change. OxfordSM are based in the UK and US, and work all over the world.

Their website’s paired back look and feel fell straight out of OxfordSM’s brand personality and tone of voice work, helped by the guiding principles of human and personal, beautifully simple and real. But the more we worked on the website redesign the more it became obvious that OxfordSM’s logo and graphic identity were in need of an overhaul. They needed something with warmth, personality and humanity.

The idea for their logo, which mimics a black magic marker, and conspicuous colour palette was sparked off by a wall of Post-It notes in an OxfordSM workshop. And their candid, ‘authentic’ portraits capture the personalities of OxfordSM’s most valuable asset – their people.

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Peter Kirkby | Head of Capability

Peter Kirkby | Head of Capability


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